And you think your world is competitive


One of the most successful women in the history of racing, Danica Patrick recently said she was surprised by how much more competitive and difficult NASCAR was compared with the IndyCar racing she cut her teeth on.

“We worked our butts off, tested a ton and tried to work on getting faster, working in the wind tunnel and doing everything we could to get better,” said Patrick of her Stewart-Haas Racing team. “And we did make up some ground.”

But not for long.

“As soon as you sit on that for a second and think, ‘OK, now let’s calm down for a second, everybody can have a week off.’ I don’t think you’re doing it on purpose, but all of a sudden you realize by the end of the year you’re not making any more progress,” said Patrick. “In fact, you’re falling behind again. So, the effort level that it takes when you’re like full-bore-all-you-can-do-to-go-faster is the only mode that you can be in. That is a competition level that I don’t think I have ever experienced.”

It’s interesting to see how many people (we measure it at 98.5%) in sales, marketing and business growing are relying on strategies and techniques from a bygone era and think they’re going to win today.  Ha!  It just doesn’t work that way – especially if you expect to have any quality life or lifestyle at all.  No wonder the top 1.5% make nearly all the money and get all the fun!

We need to put ourselves in our own wind tunnel, work out butts off and test. How are you going to get better?  What can you do right now – I mean by 3:00 today, what can you test?

You actually don’t need to beat the best in the world to win gold


In the Olympics you need to be the best in the world to win gold.  Not so in life and business.  There can be millions of people smarter, stronger and faster than you and you can still have all the gold and happiness you ever wanted.  Real life is pretty cool and much easier than […]

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And the award goes to the guy with the bagpipes

This past summer, two of my boys and I were in London.  As we walked from the London Eye east along the Thames we were met by a mass of people, bars, restaurants, food vendors, exhibitions, lights, sounds, smells.. there’s a lot going on.  Amongst this sensory crush were street performers all vying for the […]

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The reluctant winner | Sales Strategies


It’s a fact – we all have fears.  Fear of doing it. Fear of not doing it. Fear of what-if-it-doesn’t-work. And fear of what-happens- when-it-does-work. We humans are chock full of fears. That’s just how it is and that’s normal/OK. The tricky part is how we react to those little voices in our head.  The […]

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How you can be a modern day Einstein | Sales Strategies


How is it that some people achieve so much in life? What decisions do these people make, what principles do they live by and which traits have propelled them to success? Albert Einstein, one of the most admirable achievers of all time, has shown the world how extreme curiosity can change the world.  Some people […]

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The unexpected win of persistence | Sales Strategies


  Persistence This one is king.  Persistence works for two reasons; 1) as long as you hang in there and keep learning and striving you’ll get it figured out and you’ll win 2) your competition will quit, drop out, leave town.. and you’ll suddenly find yourself winning by default.  Interestingly #2 happens more often when […]

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When is the right time to call a sales prospect?


  Understand human body energy cycles and use them to your advantage Here’s an excellent technique used by the top money earners; understand human body energy cycles and use them to your advantage.  You’ve probably experienced how your body energy is up and down at different times of the day? Throughout the day you’ve got […]

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How often do you contact your potential Customers? Is it too often or not often enough? Here’s what we do.


  We’ve found that not all targets are equal.  Those higher value (we label them A) targets get higher attention and more frequent contact – in our shop that means every month.  The less value (B and then C) the less contact.   We focus where we believe the money is to be made. This is […]

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How to Sell Over the Phone | Sales Techniques


In Person or by Phone? It’s that age-old sales question: will this be better in person, or over the phone? This depends, of course, on what you’re selling and proximity between you and the prospect. I really don’t know how you can make enough contacts to be a successfully selling anything – by cold calling […]

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