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When you get it right, the byproduct is freedom... keep testing it until you get it right.
John Eliason, Lab CEO, living Rewired somewhere above Bergen, Norway

The secret trick to hit #1 on Amazon, in just one day

Because writing a book is such a time consuming and passionate ordeal, when you’re done you want so much to blast it out there, to get out there big and fast!  So when a colleague gave me the secret formula to hit #1 on Amazon, in just one day at first it was like, “Coooool.”  But I really surprised them when I said, “No thanks.” It’s not because I don’t want to be #1, I do!  But there’s a much bigger win I’m testing that may mean longer life.. and maybe, just maybe 1,000X the impact…

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Weird hiring process is all part of the plan…


I was having lunch the other day with a very successful restauranteur friend of mine, the food was really quite good, but what I really noticed was the service – his team is exceptional.  And this isn’t the first time I’d noticed, I’d been to two of his other restaurants and it’s the same thing.  So I asked him point blank how he does it.  The answer blew me away.  He interviewed 750 people, chose 70 and ended up with 35 for the grand opening.  750 Interviews!?  Yep.  And today, a year later, he has awesome retention and a fantastic team. OK, so I needed more details because this has some interesting ramifications (if it really works) for how we at First Financial or anyone sets up hiring teams…

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Dump Management, Increase Production?

Sales people.. God love em’! They are so critical to company growth and they’re usually in a position to make a lot of money – when it’s done right. But sometimes training and managing these folks can be a lot like herding cats… Some are going to do their own thing no matter how they sounded in the interview and no matter what they’ve been trained to do. You can either fight it, flow with it or step out of the herd for a moment, ponder and then test. We’re testing a new process at First Financial ( we call SELF REGULATION and it may lead to a completely new, easier and less stressful way to assemble a very high performing sales team….

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The #1 absolute biggest sales presentation mistake

High income cold calling

Jedi mind tricks

Increase sales by 225%

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