Get the behind-the-scenes strategies I use to launch successful businesses.

Meet the Rewire Team

If you’re tired of worn-out business advice from people who have never done it themselves, or pointers that may have worked in some bygone era, then John Eliason and his Rewire team are for you.

John and his team have been growing business in the same crazy world as you.  From zero – no money and no clients – to award-winning, thousands of clients, low overhead, high-profit success.  They grow businesses that flourish – in the real world.  The Rewire team is all about tipping their hand and showing you the [3-degree-different] methods that speed results so you can live a very good life.

Now it’s your turn.  You no longer only read about it – now you can live it!



If you love the idea of Rewire and experiencing all the benefits – traction, acceleration, money, freedom… but either a) don’t have a product or b) you want another one, consider joining our team at FFUSA, you get all the benefits of Rewire plus you’re in business with us.

Seriously?  Yep.  Working with us live every day, together we apply Rewire to launch and grow your business in this crazy world and have a great time doing it – oh, and make a substantial income in the process.

Rewire Formula

A Lifestyle Entrepreneur’s Secret Formula To Launch In Business

Rewire is a proven formula, step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to launch in business with precise detail. It shows you exactly what to do every step of the way, right down to who to contact and what to say.

Get the behind-the-scenes strategies we use to launch & build our cornerstone business FFUSA.  See how we apply Rewire to grow business and create two additional assets along the way; a lead generation business plus a portfolio that spins off cash every month.

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One tool you must get right is your Marketing software…

Success is a high-paying job. 
Struggling to learn software—that doesn’t get you the lifestyle you want—isn’t.

- John Eliason

You need tools that work fast and are easy to use, right out of the box. You don’t want to have to monkey around with tech and you don’t need any more struggle —you want simple, powerful, and profitable. The trick we all have is finding that right system that is the solution. After spending years wrestling with bloated software and with consultants who didn’t seem to understand that the clock was ticking, we ultimately had our own built; a stripped down ready to race, easy to use, powerful suite – marketing, sales advertising, and analytics. It’s all based on Rewire and its all ready to use “right out of the box.”

Now, the very same software we’ve used to make $Millions, you can use too.




My promise is to deliver to you a guide that you can put to use quickly—a short guide with a big impact. This book is only 107 pages, it was over 300. In order to give you precisely the tools you need for success, we’ve invested an extra eight months to distill it, make it snappy and more time effective for you – so you don’t have to.

Here’s what you get

  1. How to get everything you want (page 19)
  2. Double your business, sales or income—now, with four small adjustments (page 26)
  3. Simplify (page 31)
  4. Want more? Double your income again—yes, that’s 4x, with a method we use called Massive Referral Network (page 44)
  5. Build a machine that makes the money (page 51)
  6. Day-to-day, minute-by-minute, what “Rewired” people do (page 67)
  7. Insurance to get everything you want (page 85)


Get the behind-the-scenes strategies I use to launch successful businesses.