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John Eliason, Lab CEO, living Rewired somewhere above Bergen, Norway

Getting lost, rattle snakes and mountain lions… a business story

Ever notice how the world serves you up little metaphors..?  Here  I am with my son (Alex 19), we’re out hiking up Cuyamaca Peak in California .  We’re lost, found, exhausted and triumphant – all in one hike up a mountain….



PS – For many years I’ve taken each of our sons on a solo (father-son) trip.  Alex’s trips usually revolve around hiking and San Diego is his most frequent destination.  We always stay in La Jolla and usually at the La Jolla Cove Suites – perfect location, but has really run down over the years.  I really don’t recommend it, we’re scouting out others for next time.  If you’re looking for Cuyamaca, here it is

On a train bound for London, with my son.. and the trolley lady

Here my reflective monologue is interrupted by my son (Evan 15) and the snack trolley lady – Interesting how life tones us down sometimes and completely changes our stage and state :)



In the video I mention coasteering – if you want a unique adventure, you’ve gotta check it out – we went two awesome times, once with each of the following outfitters: and .  While in Wales we stayed in a bed and breakfast , first time for my son and his original thought that it would be “sketchy.”  He later decided that it was really pretty cool, the owners were awesome – and when they packed us a lunch and we headed out into what looked like Hobbit land, he thought it was all pretty spectacular.  In London, we stayed where we usually stay

The secret trick to hit #1 on Amazon, in just one day

When a consultant offered me the secret formula to hit #1 on Amazon – in just one day at first it was like, “Coooool…”  Skipping all the real work and zipping to the top?  Count me in!  But when I decided to not do it, it was a real surprise – to everyone involved. It’s not because I don’t want to be #1, I do!  But there’s a much bigger win I’m testing that may mean longer life.. and maybe, just maybe 1,000X the impact…

To see the secret formula  Continue Reading

Weird hiring process to build teams fast

I was having lunch the other day with a very successful restaurateur friend of mine, the food was really quite good, but what I really noticed was the service – his team is exceptional.  No wonder this guy is building as fast as he is – his team runs the place and frees him up to build more restaurants and live the lifestyle he enjoys. So I asked him point blank how he does it.  The answer blew me away…

One of his secrets is to have a massive network to call on – common trait with successful people, see how we do it in my book Rewire  <<Click Here>>

Is this sales managing or cat herding? Hard to tell sometimes…

Sales people.. God love em’!  They are so critical to company growth, but sometimes training and managing these folks can be a lot like herding cats…  Some are going to do their own thing no matter how they sounded in the interview and no matter what they’ve been trained to do.  You can either fight it, flow with it or step out of the kitty stampede for a moment, ponder and then test.  We’re testing a new process at First Financial and it may lead to a completely new, easier and less stressful way to assemble (and wrangle) a very high performing sales team….

Want to see what it’s really like?  Check out First Financial (

How do I cold call to get warm appointments?

The #1 absolute biggest sales presentation mistake

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